What is it about tarot cards?

Whether it's tarot cards, or using coaching cards, power animal cards, or any other version of cards used in counseling work - at first they're always just pretty little pictures printed on cardstock. They are neither magical nor somehow supernatural. The magic and the benefit of working with such cards lies exclusively in what you do with them - which, by the way, ultimately applies to any form of psychotherapeutic or spiritual work. Enter the term "therapy cards" at amazon and you will see that the use of picture cards has also been used in conventional psychotherapy and counseling for a long time. First of all, there is nothing magical, spiritual or somehow "spun" about it. But just very simple psychology.

This is because the archetypal images on the cards give us the opportunity to address our subconscious and thus access unconscious knowledge that is difficult to access in other ways. The term "archetype" is a concept introduced into depth psychology by C. G. Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychotherapy), who used it to describe the archetypes of the human soul that operate at the level of the collective unconscious. These are images and forces that are common to all people without having to be specifically learned. That is why the symbolic representations of many cards (especially the tarot cards) touch us on such a deep level.

Working with tarot cards is something completely different from what most people associate with the term "card reading" and has nothing to do with fortune telling. But it gives us easy access to unconscious as well as superconscious knowledge that is not so easily accessible in other ways. The cards tell us a story (if used and interpreted correctly) and these stories contain valuable hints, suggestions or even warnings when our current thinking and actions may not be to our advantage.

Especially the combination with psychological astrology makes every tarot interpretation many times more personal, accurate, precise and helpful!

The future is not predetermined!

Many people associate working with cards with bullshit fortune telling.
Forget about it!
Because you can't predict the future. Simply because the future is not predetermined!
(If it were different, there would be no point in knowing - since you couldn't change it in that case anyway......)

But the future consists of a combination of probabilities. But these probabilities are of course variable. And by what we do, but especially by what we think and feel, we can influence and change these probabilities.

And this is exactly where card work can be helpful: The imagery of the cards can help us tap into our unconscious knowledge of probabilities . So how things could possibly develop as things stand now. And depending on whether we like it or not, we can adapt and change our behavior, our feeling and thinking.
So the cards don't tell us when we'll meet the love of our life, whether we'll ever win the lottery, or whether we should accept that job offer.
The information we gain with the help of the picture cards can therefore help us to better understand ourselves and the circumstances and thus to positively shape and change our future.