Working with cards in the broadest sense, and especially working with court cards, has long been an integral part of psychotherapy and coaching. Do a search on amazon for the term "therapy cards" and you will quickly see what I am talking about.

Tarot cards are therefore an excellent way to stimulate our subconscious mind. In this way, ideas, impulses, insights, solutions and possibilities arise that have never been thought of on a conscious level - because our conscious thought carousel often blocks itself and gets in our way. Our subconscious mind is much more creative and thinks up to 10,000 times faster than our conscious mind. And that is exactly why working with the tarot cards is so helpful and often brings amazingly profound insights and solutions.

When creating tarot interpretations, I combine the ideas and suggestions of the cards with the psychological information of your horoscope. In this way, the consultation is tailored even more individually to you. The result, according to the numerous feedbacks of my clients, is amazingly detailed, accurate and extremely helpful

This way of working with the tarot cards has nothing to do with stupid fortune telling, even if many skeptics who are not trained in tarot and astrology still think so.

However, a healthy dose of skepticism is in order, especially when it comes to the keyword "Tarot". Because the approach of some providers is actually often more than dubious and if someone promises you the "blue of heaven" in the process, then you should be careful.

Tarot cards per se have first of all nothing magical, supernatural or somehow spiritual about them. Just like "normal" therapy cards, they are initially just a piece of cardboard with paint on it. As with everything, it depends on what you do with it. However, the hints and advice of the cards are usually so incredibly profound, accurate and above all helpful, that it is very difficult not to consider the possibility that there are things "out there" that we simply do not understand (yet?).

But being a very practical person, I basically don't care why that is:
Working with (tarot) cards is creative, inspiring, beautiful and above all: very helpful.
Period! 😊.

We repeat, what we don't fix.


I use cards (Tarot, Lenormand or other cards) in online counseling whenever I deem it appropriate or when you explicitly ask for it.

Tarot consultations I also offer as written astro tarot interpretation, this is a little cheaper and many clients appreciate the written form because things can be reread over and over again and you can let the images work on you at your leisure. In this way, you get even more out of the consultation - the subconscious mind can work on the issue even further and find new ideas or solutions.

Here you can easily and inexpensively book such a reading.