The right answers show us the way

Life can be difficult, confusing and stressful for all of us. We may think we can't do much about it, feel frustrated, helpless and exhausted. But it is often these moments that make magical changes possible. We are not content with the usual such as psychological counseling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy. Because there is much more. We therefore combine the conventional consulting methods with psychological-spiritual techniques such as horoscope interpretation, tarot card reading and the like.

No matter how you may be feeling right now, the right answers and a new way of looking at things can change everything.
As if by magic.
Psychological-metaphysical work allows you to get answers, see ways to solve problems, and get back the energy you need to change your life.

Because that's what it's all about.
It's about your life and not letting fears, hurts, blocks or insecurities prevent you from living your life in the best way possible. Full of energy, enthusiasm and joy.

"Easier said than done" you think?

Fortunately, you don't have to do it alone.

Consultations with me include a lot of different tools like hypnosis and psychotherapy, psychological astrology, intuitive work with the tarot cards and more.

As soon as you book an appointment with me, you will have the opportunity to describe your concerns in a questionnaire. This way I can think about the best approach for you and our cooperation. Whether it's therapeutic issues (anxiety, depression) or counseling (career, relationships, family), once you book your appointment, my mind as well as my intuition begin to get to know you before we even meet and think about the most helpful course of action for you.

Bring all your concerns, hopes and questions to our conversation. And it's perfectly okay if you don't really know what you want to ask or what exactly your problem is.
The most important thing is that you you are there.
Together, we'll make sure you get the right answers.

Overcome problems - promote healing - achieve goals

The most common problems I successfully help people with:

  • Free yourself from fears and phobias
  • Overcome depression and sadness, strengthen self-confidence and zest for life.
  • Putting traumatic experiences from the past behind you
  • Leave exhaustion and burnout behind and recharge your energy and vitality
  • Overcome difficult situations (relationships, job, family, illness, loss, etc.) and grow from them.
  • Better understand and use oneself and one's own weaknesses and strengths
  • Develop personally
  • Successfully achieve goals

Methods and approaches that I use for this:

  • Hypnosis and psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Tapping acupressure (EFT, FasterEFT)
  • Life counseling, coaching
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Intuitive psychological work with the tarot cards
  • And last but not least:
    A lot of empathy, understanding and, despite some (seemingly) "weird" methods, a lot of common sense 😊.

What distinguishes me from other consultants

There are plenty of therapists, counselors and coaches out there - what sets me apart from many others is, firstly, the combination of psychological methods (hypnosis & psychotherapy) with more metaphysical tools like astrology and tarot.

But I think it's more than that.
That's why I've taken the trouble to summarize all the feedback I've received from my clients over the last few years in a word cloud - as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. 😊

The things clients appreciate most about my work are:

  • A friendly, empathetic and respectful way of dealing with each other.
  • That the common thread or the real core of the problem is quickly found.
  • That even long-standing problems often resolve surprisingly quickly.
  • The helpful conversations, in a friendly atmosphere
  • That even things are said that are unpleasant at first, but which are helpful in the end.
  • That I am always easily accessible.
  • That if necessary, appointments in the evening or on Saturdays are also possible.
  • That I always keep an eye on the costs as well.
  • That online work is straightforward and just as personal and helpful as on-site appointments.
  • That after the sessions you feel more self-confident, more confident and stronger.

Please note

I work exclusively with online appointments (i.e. via video telephony with Zoom, MS Teams or similar).

I cannot bill through the public health insurance companies.
I.e. the costs are to be borne by you, but are partially reimbursed by private health insurance companies.