All good psychotherapy consists of good conversations. However, in order for these conversations to be truly helpful, it is important to use the appropriate methods in the process. What these are (e.g. depth psychology, behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, etc.) depends on the therapist, the subject and the situation.

Especially at the beginning of a cooperation, a detailed and in-depth conversation is very important. Often, you've been struggling with a problem for so long that you can't see "the forest for the trees." One sees no beginning, no end. Is no longer sure what started all this (perhaps already in childhood) and may not have thought for a long time about how life could actually be, without this problem. That's why an initial conversation is a chance to see the central theme more clearly again. To clear the mind to be able to see what is really important.

And whether we then work depth-psychologically (e.g. researching causes from the past or childhood), whether we work more solution-oriented (e.g. with NLP methods, coaching, etc.), we discuss if necessary during your first appointment with me.

When psychotherapeutic work is combined with hypnosis, the work becomes more profound and effective - progress and healing are possible more quickly in this way.

This is because the state of hypnosis (or trance) facilitates access to the subconscious mind. Be it to find hidden information (e.g. forgotten or repressed experiences or thoughts), or to discover new insights, ideas and possibilities. Our subconscious mind works much faster than the conscious mind. Depression and anxiety are mostly a product of our subconscious mind - so the most obvious way is to work WITH the subconscious mind to make positive change possible.

And yes: hypnosis is of course possible at any time when working online, as long as you are not in an emergency mental situation or in a state associated with loss of reality (schizophrenia, shock, drugs, alcohol, psychotic episode, or similar).

Prerequisite for a good and also relaxing online trance work:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • The possibility to withdraw so that you can be undisturbed during our appointments.
  • The ability to sit or lie comfortably during trance work.


Our first appointment always consists mainly of a longer conversation (approx. 90 min.), in which we clarify your current life situation, your concerns or your problem and relate them to the information and indications of your horoscope. No matter what questions or problems bring you to me, my 20+ years of experience in hypnosis & psychotherapy can give you insight into the past and present, helping you recognize and understand connections and develop new perspectives.

During this first meeting, we also discuss how the further cooperation can look like - in doing so, we always focus on what you need and what you feel most comfortable with, and we are guided by the credo "As few appointments as possible - but as many appointments as necessary."

All other appointments usually last 30-60 minutes, here on the booking page you can directly book your desired appointment.
Or simply contact me, a free get-to-know-you conversation (15 min, via Zoom app) is also available upon request.

Don't ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive, and do it.
Because what the world needs are people who are alive.

Howard Thurman