We work the way that suits you best

First of all, it is important that you are clear about what you need and what you hope to get out of our cooperation

Do you want to work more therapeutically to overcome e.g. fears, phobias, depressions? Or free yourself from the consequences of a trauma you have experienced?
In this case, we work together over several appointments (experience shows that between 4 and 10 individual appointments, each lasting about 1 hour), begin the cooperation with a detailed discussion and consider together which approach is the most promising for you.

Or are you in a difficult situation, need to make important decisions or are not sure what the best next step is for you? It doesn't matter whether it's about relationships or family, professional or other issues.
Then a one-on-one appointment is helpful (60 or 90 minutes). You describe to me beforehand what you are concerned about and together we clarify things and find answers for you, so that you can see the next necessary steps more clearly again.

Or you are simply curious what your horoscope reveals about you or what messages the tarot cards have in store for you?
Then a one-on-one 60-minute appointment fits the bill - you'll be surprised how much information you'll take away in just 60 minutes.

If you have already had appointments together and you are only interested in a simple question or a refresher on a topic, then a short appointment of 30 minutes may suffice.

Over the last 20 years, I've learned lots of different methods. I have given up many of them - and only kept the methods that are really helpful for my clients and with which the work is therefore enjoyable for my clients, as well as for myself.

These include the following methods:

  • Hypno- & Psychotherapy
  • EMDR and other forms of bilateral stimulation
  • FasterEFT/EFT
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Intuitive work with tarot cards
  • Active coaching to implement what has been learned in everyday life
  • And the most important thing: a good conversation!

The next step is to book your appointment.

Choose the right date for you on my booking page. During the booking process you will have the opportunity to describe your request and everything that is important to you.

Of course you can also contact me directly at any time by eMail(info@katharinahille.de) or phone/text (+49 (0)151 507 122 23)

Shortly before our appointment you will then receive a zoom link from me, at the start of the appointment simply click on this link and our cooperation begins.

For the appointment, it is then most important that you are undisturbed and can focus completely on our work.

When we deal with your horoscope or tarot cards, it would be good if you work with the PC, laptop or a not too small tablet - so that you can also see everything well.

If you wish, each session can be recorded and you can then watch the recording again at your leisure and take notes.


What software do I need for this?

Depending on the app we are working with (MS Teams, Zoom), all you need is a corresponding small app. Once you click on the invitation link I send you before our session, you can install it quickly and easily with one click. On PC, cell phone or tablet.
Otherwise, you need a quiet room where you are undisturbed, stereo headphones, and an Internet connection that is as stable as possible (ideally via LAN cable instead of WLAN).

Does it all really work online?

Absolutely, I can definitely confirm that from my own experience! I often work with colleagues from the U.S. for my own topics, and inevitably these always take place online. Whether it was hypnotherapy (e.g. with Mary Lee LaBay), astrological consultations (with Laurence Hillman, Julia Topaz) or tarot readings (Jenna Matlin, Lenormand with Rana George) - they were all great consultations that were very personal, empowering and helpful to me.