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22. June 2022
Depressionen, Ängste und wie man sie überwinden kann
6. October 2022

Astrology, psychology and the 10 actors in us

Astrology and psychology show us our "inner stage

Psychology has been trying to explain and, if necessary, change human experience and behavior for many hundreds of years.

Astrology (especially fields such as psychological, archetypal, or developmental astrology) is also concerned with describing our psychological makeup, and it provides us with an extraordinarily rich language for doing so, as well as a toolbox that seems to have no end. Much like Mary Poppins' magic bag, from which she keeps conjuring up new, wonderful things.

Many astrological consultants are therefore also a bit too fascinated by all these exciting techniques and methods. It is often forgotten what the real concern of counseling astrology is: to recognize the psychological forces at work within us, to describe them, and to develop ways in which we can change things for the better in the process. To understand things, solve problems, heal old hurts, dissolve blockages and develop our personality.

A wonderful way to do this is to imagine these forces at work within us (and which can be discovered and described through astrological language) as our "inner ensemble." So, similar to an ensemble in the theater, there is our inner stage on which our inner dramas, romances or inner comedies play out every day.

Our "10 inner actors

And this is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first. Because we can all see in our everyday lives again and again that we are actually made up of different subpersonalities. or personality parts. They have different, often even opposing ideas, and they all have something to say. Just think about how different you are in everyday life, depending on whether you are dealing with your partner, your boss, your best friend, or your child. In each of these cases, you are (hopefully!) a bit of a different person. Because if they talk to your boss the same way you do to your child - it could lead to problems..... But fortunately, our inner parts are usually smart enough to know who is "on" and in which way they should best play their role in this particular situation.

But just like in a real theater ensemble, things sometimes go wrong. Some players push themselves into the center of attention too often. Others exaggerate their presentation excessively and thus disturb the scene. Some forget their lines now and then. And sometimes one may appear in a completely wrong scene. These things also happen with our inner ensemble. This would be the case, for example, if you get into a discussion with your boss and suddenly start talking to him as if he were your child. Afterwards, you may be startled to ask yourself "How the heck did this happen to me?".
Astrology can help you find answers to this.

In astrology, the ten most important "players" in this play are currently described above all, namely the 10 planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (Sun and Moon are not planets, in astrology they are nevertheless named so for the sake of simplicity). In addition, there are some important points that are not planets - but we will talk about another time.

Already there is more here, astrology is also constantly expanding its research. More and more asteroids are being included in the analysis by many astrologers, and at some point new planets will surely be discovered that can be taken into account.

However, just engaging with these 10 key "inner teachers" gives us enough to do for years to come and provides us with important and helpful insights into our inner lives, as well as insights and tools to enable change and progress. Things for which conventional psychology usually needs many years (if it allows such insights at all).

The horoscope as our inner stage

So imagine a large, round stage. Along the edge of the stage, our ten actors move at different speeds, all of them constantly in motion - some very fast, some slow and deliberate. In our performance, we now climb into the fixture above the stage lights. When we look down, we see our ten actors and each one is standing somewhere on a certain position on the stage. From a very specific moment (for example, the time of your birth) we now take a photo of it and then transfer this image to a symbolic drawing. We have now transferred our stage to a circle with ten symbolic markers on which the actors stand. And we still draw in lines between each actor, symbolizing their relationships to each other,

This is then your horoscope drawing.
(If you have never seen the drawing of your own horoscope, you can have it done for free here on at )

Since the actors on this stage are constantly in motion, the quality of the situation is also constantly changing. At one moment, two actors may be carrying out an angry argument through a brawl. At some point, the brawl is over again - the quality of time has changed. A new situation arises. Perhaps two actors suddenly discover their mutual affection and a passionate romance develops. Again, the quality of this scene or time period is quite different.

When interpreting a cirth chart, we are always very interested in the actors themselves and how they fill their roles, but also in the relationships between the individual actors. Who plays his role with passion and who is obviously miscast? What costumes did each actor choose for this play? Who comes to the fore particularly often in which scenes? Who gets along with whom? Who supports each other and who would like to stab each other in the back?
In doing so, we always want to find out what is going on in your particular piece.

Our inner spectacle

With this idea of the inner stage we have a tool to capture the quality of time. Look... over there! Can you feel the tension in the air between this power guy and the nerd with the glasses? And here, see this delicate girl. She is all alone, someone should help her!
With our image of this stage, we have captured the different patterns of a particular moment. These patterns are complicated, there are many things happening at the same time and each of these 10 people has their own feelings, thoughts, ambitions and fears.

And you still wonder what this stage has to do with you now?
Quite simply, this stage and these 10 actors ARE you!

Each of these actors is a part of you. For example, the planet Mars represents your "inner warrior". It symbolizes your courage, assertiveness, pioneering spirit. How is your Mars dressed? Does he seem rather strong or weak to you? In which scenes does he have a leading role? Where does he perhaps exaggerate his role a bit?

Or the sun. It represents your consciousness, your ego, who you want to be. The Sun is your "inner king" or your "inner queen", who determines where things go and holds the reins. What kind of inner regent do you have? Does he or she seem strong or rather weak? Is he comfortable? Is he good to his people and does he take pleasure in what he does? Or is he weak and hates his job so much that he roams the countryside as a pompous regent or bullies others?

Or Mercury, which represents your way of thinking and communicating: is it curious, flexible, adaptive and communicative? Or is he rather nervous, flighty, superficial and an exhausting blabbermouth?

And all the other characters: who are they? What do they want? What do they need? What is the best way to address them? And how can they be strengthened (or kept in check)?

That's what the adventure of a lifetime is all about.

And that is what good astrological counseling is all about.