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What a sign emphasis in the horoscope means


Horoscope and Zodiac Signs - A Way to Better Understand Yourself

Recently, a good friend asked me for advice. She knows that I also work astrologically and therefore know about horoscope and zodiac signs.

She has found that she is someone who needs to be constantly on the move, who always wants to be busy, who always likes to have people around. And if she doesn't have that, she gets nervous, dissatisfied, and in the worst case, she can easily become depressed at such times. She has talked to her psychotherapist about it, but she is not convinced that his explanation is accurate. He thought their constant urge for movement and action was their coping mechanism to repress deeper emotional hurts and blockages.

She says that logically she can understand what he means - but she has the distinct feeling that this is not the case with her. That is just part of her personality.

And her horoscope confirms this. This is because she has a strong emphasis on the sign Gemini in her natal chart. And someone like that actually finds it extremely difficult to simply do nothing at all. Such a person wants to constantly move, talk, communicate or somehow actively engage his mind. That is what these people need to feel comfortable.

(which, by the way, is a confirmation that it would be helpful for psychotherapy if psychologists and psychotherapists would study astrology).

So far, so good.

But then, logically, she wanted to know what to do with it.
After all, life can't always be in motion. We inevitably experience quieter or even boring phases from time to time. And that's a good thing.

However, my friend wanted to know what she can do in such cases to feel better and how she can generally better deal with this constant inner turmoil. From this came the idea of a small series of articles about what the emphasis of each sign in the horoscope means and how best to deal with it.

The horoscope is more than just the sun sign

Many believe that if you "are a Leo" (that is, have the Sun in the sign Leo), then that is a Leo emphasis.
However, this is not true. Because to look only at the Sun and the corresponding sign is not very meaningful.

Anyone who studies astrology a little quickly realizes that what is usually written in magazines is often nonsense and far too sweeping. It is called "sun sign astrology" because you only pay attention to which sign the sun is in.

But it's not that simple.

If it were, then we would basically have only 12 different personality types.
This is complete nonsense. That's why magazine horoscopes are so incredibly generic that they basically fit almost everyone in some way.

But the human being (and therefore astrology) is more complex.

Sun sign astrology is like learning only the vocabulary for "hello" and "goodbye" in a foreign language and then claiming that you have mastered the language and can conduct important business negotiations, for example.

If you want to interpret a horoscope correctly, you must at least consider the following things:

  • There are 10 planets, some important calculated points and countless asteroids in the chart.
  • Each of these planets, points and asteroids is in one of 12 signs.
  • And each of these planets, points and asteroids is in one of 12 houses.
  • All these planets, points and asteroids are at a certain angle to each other. These angle relationships must also be interpreted accurately.

Let's compare the number of possibilities we have here with the statement, "Your Sun is in Gemini, so you probably like to talk a lot." I think it's obvious that this is too simplistic.

Even if one were to look only at the Sun, here at least it would still have to be interpreted in which house it is located and whether there are important angular connections to other planets or points in the horoscope. That alone would give the interpretation at least a little bit more depth. But all this is not done by sun sign astrology. That is why it does a disservice to astrology and promotes all the resentment and prejudice against the art of astrology.

But sun sign astrology is basically not real astrology. The interpretation of a horoscope goes deeper. It is not limited to generalities and the interpretations are not arbitrarily interchangeable.

Therefore, when I write about an Aries emphasis, a Leo emphasis, or a Capricorn emphasis in the articles of the next few weeks, I do NOT necessarily mean that you have your Sun in the corresponding sign.

A sign emphasis can be present, if e.g. many planets are in a sign (this does not have to be the Sun!), or if the planet belonging to this sign (e.g. Mercury in Gemini) is close to the Ascendant, has important aspects to Sun or Moon, or if the corresponding house (to Mercury belongs e.g. the 3rd house) is emphasized in the horoscope.

Barack Obama & Sylvester Stallone

For example, the birth image of former US President Barack Obama shows a clear Leo emphasis. For he has not only the Sun in the sign Leo, but also Mercury, Uranus, the Descendant and the North Node of the Moon. Therefore, you can be quite sure that the Leo energy (e.g., enthusiastic, friendly, generous, confident, charismatic, leader, winning charisma) is evident in him.

It is different in the horoscope of the American actor Sylvester Stallone, known from many action movies: His Sun is in the rather "soft" sign Cancer, which stands for a loving, caring, emotional person.
He undoubtedly has these traits - but these adjectives are not the first thing most associate with the name Sylvester Stallone.

That's because his chart has an emphasis on the fire signs of Sagittarius and Leo (Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Leo; Ascendant and South Moon Node in Sagittarius). And the element of fire stands for action, fight, courage, energy - all things that can be found in his films in abundance 😀.

If one were to look only at his Sun sign and describe him as a "kind and caring" person, one might rightly wonder if astrology really works.

But it works and is capable of describing a person in detail - if done correctly.

And you don't have to have studied astrology for 10 years (but everyone who is passionate about the subject never wants to stop learning anyway.... .... 😉).

The "Big Three

You already get a lot of information if only the "Big Three", i.e. the position of Sun, Moon and Ascendant are taken into account.

To stay with the foreign language comparison: If you know the position of these "Big Three" in the horoscope and what they mean, it is as if you were already able to carry on a simple but fluent conversation in a foreign language.
Unlike the meager vocabulary of sun sign astrology.

Maybe I'll do a little introductory astrology course sometime? 😊

But before that I will write the promised posts.
Starting with horoscopes that have an Aries emphasis.
What this means, how to recognize such emphasis and how to best use and control this energy.

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