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2. July 2017

Why I also like to work with tarot cards

Short form for readers in a hurry:

  • Working with tarot cards has nothing to do with silly fortune telling and hocus-pocus
  • Our future is NOT predetermined. It is about probabilities and we can only influence these in the here and now. And this is where the Tarot can help us.
  • Tarot cards also help to better understand the causes of existing situations – thus they can provide important answers to accelerate any form of therapy….
  • Tarot cards are an excellent (and beautiful!) tool for counseling, guidance and therapy.
  • Yes, there are a lot of bad and dubious so-called “tarot readers” out there – but the cards can’t help it. Judge the provider, not the method.
  • I am a therapist and a trained astrologer and tarot professional through numerous international trainings.
  • Gladly also written tarot readings incl. important information of your horoscope (approx. 5-12 pages, depending on the question, possible in German and English).


Do you also think tarot cards are just cheap fairground hocus-pocus?

Then you’re not alone – a lot of people think that way, I used to ridicule that kind of thing too.

Nevertheless, I’ve fallen for the images of the tarot cards a long time ago, I always felt attracted to them strongly, so that I have dealt more and more with the cards and what the whole thing is about. Until I eventually understood what it was all about.

Because really, the tarot cards themselves are just cardboard with ink on them – nothing magical, nothing spooky.

The magic and benefit of working with such cards is, of course, what you do with them (which, by the way, is just as true for hypnosis and many other things). The tarot cards are simply a set of 78 playing cards. There are various theories about their origin, including this beautiful story (from: Hajo Banzhaff: Das Tarot-Handbuch, Munich 1998):

According to a legend by the French mystic Papus, the Tarot originated in ancient Egypt: The ancient Egyptian empire once faced the threat of destruction several thousand years ago. The wise men of the land therefore deliberated how the millennia-old knowledge of the empire could be saved from destruction.
The proposal to carve it into the walls of the pyramids in signs and symbols was rejected, since even the strongest walls were built by human hands and were ephemeral. The proposal to let the ten wisest and cleverest minds in the country in on the secrets, who could then pass it on to others, also met with no approval, since a wise man had often become a fool.
Thus, it was agreed that knowledge and wisdom should be entrusted to vice, since it would outlast all the fluctuations and changes of time. So they proceeded to draw all the knowledge in pictures on playing cards, which were then given to the people to indulge in their vices and passions.

Tarot cards are just cards with ink on them, but they are full of symbols and images: simple images that represent people, situations and emotional states of our everyday life, as well as a lot of symbols from fields of knowledge such as astrology, numerology, color theory, Kabbalah and more.


Psychological Coaching with the Tarot

With the help of these symbolic images, the tarot cards give us, on the one hand, the opportunity to address our subconscious and thus to access unconscious knowledge, which is difficult to access in other ways. This is taken advantage of when the tarot cards are used primarily psychologically. When working in this way, the cards are even often consciously chosen by the client and then discussed together. And often you are very surprised to come across previously unconscious thoughts or beliefs that you might never have suspected in yourself. This in turn clears the way to dissolve inner blockages and make positive changes possible.


Identify future trends

On the other hand, there is the so-called divinatory use of the tarot cards, that is, what is simply called “divination”. However, one must not think of this divination as simple fairground fortune-tellers with a crystal ball.

Many spiritual schools are based on the basic assumption that we ourselves create our circumstances with our thoughts and feelings. Conversely, it follows that everything that happens in our lives is ultimately again a mirror of our thinking and feeling. Based on this philosophy, the tarot can act as a mirror and make possible future tendencies visible to us.

However, it is important to note that we are always dealing here with tendencies, i.e. probabilities. Because the future is of course not fixed (otherwise life would be damn boring and predictable….) but in every moment of our life we are on a certain probability path and the Tarot does nothing but show us what this possible path looks like, if we do not change our current position in the probability field (determined by our thinking and feeling).

And that’s exactly why the Tarot can be so helpful: In simple terms, a tarot reading can tell us “If you don’t change anything about how you think, feel, and therefore act, then it’s very likely that this path will lead to that end result.”
But even though the results of a Tarot reading are usually amazingly accurate – none of it is “set in stone” and of course we always have the possibility (and also chance) of change.

For example, the Tarot can help with the following difficulties and provide useful or directional answers:

Relationship problems
Professional questions or problems
Search for meaning
Difficult situations
Support with difficult decisions
Personal development


In my practice, I always use the tarot cards in a way that I find useful and helpful at that moment:
Sometimes we use only one card, for example during hypnotherapy or regression, to get to the bottom of a question or ambiguity.

Sometimes we use the cards for a more psychologically oriented coaching session.

And if it is right for the client, we also trust in the spiritual power of the cards to give us answers to important questions within the framework of a complete Tarot reading.




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